World Cyber Gaming Closed

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World Cyber Gaming Closed

Ever thought about actually competing your skills against other players? Well now you can since these days you can actually make an income by playing with the best. Their are leagues for each game that you can join on. Like World Cyber Gaming is the biggest one where top players can make over 100,000$ for first place or joining Cyber Athlete League for playing Counter-Strike. This is were it separates the boys to the men. I’ll explain more about it below in this article.

Now World Cyber Gaming is actually known for games like Starcraft and Counter-Strike. Corporate office is located in South Korea, where we know Koreans are the best at video games. But to be honest Asians are the best video gamer’s in the world from looking at it, but that depends on who you talk to. Now as of 2011 WCG is the largest¬†global electronic sport tournament that you can be a part of. Top players will travel to just compete live for this company to win thousands of dollars.

Last WCG was 2013 and here is the list of games that was played.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012
League of Legends
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
Assault Fire
QQ Speed
World of Tanks

In 2014 February, the CEO Brad Lee announced the closing of WCG, because partners felt it was difficult to work with the CEO. Its a shame that it closed for many were happy to be a part of WCG

Cyber Athele League is a another network in where top gamers would join to compete as well. It wasn’t as big as WCG but it still held its platform for over 600,000 players. Really known for Counter-Strike players to compete and StarCraft players. I myself was part of this league since it actually had different levels based off your skill levels. Fun times gaming at a high level and truly testing your gaming skills against the best.

However all things must come to an end as with anything. You can always check out the old videos on Youtube to appericate the gaming level at its highest.

Here are some videos on it. Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts.