Blizzard Will Now Ban You Permanently

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Blizzard Will Now Ban You Permanently:

One area to understand about online gaming is you’ll come across players that like to cheat to win the game. This often creates lots of any players who are doing their best by testing their own skill levels against others. Question many ask is why would you cheat to win, when it defeats the purpose of enjoying the gameplay. I’ll do a basic overview of why I think many players cheat and how we should.

Cheating = No Skills:
Main reason why most online video gamers play is to test their skills against others. Its a great feeling to know that you dominate the game and you create the fear when you join any game. Also you create a target against you cause everyone envies how good you really are. Testing your skills against others is what makes gaming online so much fun and also to test yourself each time you play.

Banned For Life:
Players get caught cheating you get banned for life. You basically lose everything if you had a lot of items with that account. Risking a lot to cheat in some cases depending on the game you are playing. Personally why risk it for all the hard work you put into the game well as all the time looking for good gear.

Creating Bad Habits:
Starting to cheat often leads to bad habits meaning you’ll want to do this in other games as well. It starts a bad trend for yourself and often times as a cheater you teach this to others which will effect their skills as well. As a gamer myself create good gaming habits so you get the respect you deserve playing online.

No Tournaments or Sponsorship:
Many players will never get to play in high level competition. Good luck getting any sponsorship if you are a cheater in the online game world. Rule of thumb don’t cheat in gaming especially if you are going in the route of professional gaming. Don’t get sucked in to that crazy world where it may sound and feel good for a little bit but afterwards you’ll regret it all.

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Again like I mentioned cheating is no fun so learn to be a great player. Having fun playing with your friends and everyone else. Learn to respect the game and its creators by not cheating. Test your game skills.

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