Which Character In D3 Should I Start With

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Which Character In D3 Should I Start With?

This is a very common question that new players tend to ask when they want to play the game for the very first time. I will do a basic breakdown of each character and from their you can decide on what is best for you. Once you play the game for awhile you’ll tend to migrate to a particular style of playing with a certain character, for me it was the Monk and Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter Class Profile:

Strengthens: Ranged attacking, very quick since it has vault bonus, good variation on set builds
Weaknesses: Is not a tank build, more a support player when playing in groups
Ranged Weapons: Uses 2 handed bows, single bows, and quivers for bonuses

Monk Class Profile:

Strengthens: has dash to be quick, can play a tank, great support player in group play with added monk bonuses
Weaknesses: uses only certain builds to either be a tank or do high damage
Weapons: fists, staffs, and shields for bonus

Wizard Class Profile:

Strengthens: Ranged dealing with high elemental damage.
Weaknesses: can’t take big hits, depends on elemental buffs, depends on set gears. Better use in groups than soloing
Weapons: magic staff and orbs

Witch Doctor Profile:

d3 witch doctor
Strengthens: Uses Pets for damage buffer, can do ranged attacking if needed. Great support player for group playing.
Weakness: Everyone uses the same builds for this class. Usually Pets build or Carn-Evil build. Not a lot of modifications you can get with this class.
Weapons: knife, sword, spear, and uses mojo

Barbarian Class Profile:

Strengthens: Tank character, can do high damage, and also can play solo if needed.
Weaknesses: limited on set gear builds meaning not that many to choose from. The role of tank for this character isn’t the greatest, you can die very easily from elemental damage.
Weapons: swords and shields mainly

Crusader Class Profile:

d3 Crusader-armor
Strengthens: Good in group playing, good support bonuses, middle ranged attacking.
Weaknesses: Hard to figure out what class is best, new character added to the D3 game. Limited on certain class builds for high damage points. Meant for group playing not soloing
Weapons: sword, flail, and shield

So their you have it the classes broken down into I what feel they do. Now as you play the character more, you will see more of their strengths in game play. Really also depends on the type of player you are as well. For me I like playing Monk and Demon Hunter since they both use Dexterity as their main damage buff. Also you can play in solo with these characters and not in groups and you’ll be just fine when gearing up.

You’ll notice that the characters will share the same type of damage class. Example Witch Doctor with Wizard both use Intelligence as their main buff while Barbarian and Crusader is Strength.

My personal suggestion is to test it all out and see how you fit in the game. Go enjoy and comment to let me know.