Counter-Strike Greatest FPS Shooter Game

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Counter-Strike Greatest FPS Shooter Game

This by far is one of my favorite games to play growing up in the FPS (first person shooter) world. By far this game tested your skills against other players to see how good you really were. Online shooting game at its best.

Game originally came out June 19, 1999 and here are we still going on the new addition of Counter-Strike Global Offensive which came out August 21, 2012. Nearly 13 years later they added this game and its has been still rocking the servers.

Now lets first talk about the first Counter-Strike 1.3 version to 1.6 which everyone loved to play. Here is a short video on the game 1.6 version.

Only the top players could handle the pressure of playing this game.

GamePlay: Either you are Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist your choice. Super simple only difference is what you do and what guns you can purchase to buy.

Counter-Terrorist: Role is to save the hostages and defuse the bomb depending on the map level you are playing. Now CT’s are super fun since you have more to do than just being a terrorist in the game. You can lose if the hostages are not saved within time limit or all of you die attempting to save them. Defusing the bomb may sound simple over if you can’t defuse in time or everyone gets killed again you lose.

Terrorist: Main role is to kill all the CT’s the opposing team or plant the bomb successfully. Sounds super easy but again not very since you have CT’s that will be in your way. However you can still lose the game if hostages are all rescued and all your players gets killed. Lastly you don’t plant the bomb in time and you can lose that way.

Game Modes: Hostage Rescue and Planting the bombs or just kill everyone on sight.

Lastly next addition is Counter-Strike Source still very popular game but did get some backlash cause of how easy it was to win. Look at this video on this player who can easily AWP you with his sniper.

The game modes didn’t change everything stated the same. Their was also Counter-Strike Condition Zero that never really got anywhere as far as the popularity but it was part of the CS franchise. That game was meant to play against bots not real players. Not many like playing it so we jump to the newest addition which is now Counter-Strike Global Offensive calling it CS:GO for short.

CS GO: This was changed dramatically on the platform of playing meaning new map levels were added, leveling up your profile, achievements, and new game modes.

Game Modes:

Game modes: Total 5 different modes to play from. Making it super fun and not get bored of the same game types in previous CS games.

Classic with Competitive: This is the normal type of what Counter-Strike has always had which is defusing the bomb and saving hostages. But you play on a competitive level in where you gain experience for your profile and get ranked among the best players. You have to be level 5 in order to play in this game type. Great way to test your skills.
Bomb Scenario: Simple game type Terrorists plant the bomb and Counter-Terrorists defuse the bomb. 2 bomb locations A or B that Terrorists can plant from.

Hostage Scenario: Save the hostages for the Counter-Terrorists before the time runs out or all players are killed whichever comes first. Terrorists basically camps and makes sure no hostages are rescued.

Arms Race: This game type is really different you get rewarded by killing and going to the next gun type. The goal is to win with the Golden Knife weapons. Very fun but very hard as well.

Demolition: So this type everyone starts the same, in which you can’t buy but get reward for killing your enemies is how it works. More you kill the more gear it gives you. Also to add its planting/defusing the bomb type as well. Makes this game very interesting and difficult to win on either side.

Deathmatch: This was added later in the game in where it will only last 10 minute rounds. You spawn with a random weapon every time you die in game play. Can also get bonus points for choosing the bonus round weapon by getting a kill with it. No spawn protection either and its random in where you spawn at. Overall this is very popular game type in where everyone chooses to play.

Cool video on this player 1vs5 game.

So now you need to figure out can you handle the pressure of this FPS game. Comment below and let me know your thoughts.