D3 Witch Doctor Undead Character

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Lets learn about this character D3 Witch Doctor Undead Character:

In order to play this character lets understand the background of this so we can see how it works.

Witch doctors are spiritual warriors who cast dead souls and crawling creatures to do their will. By surrounding themselves with conjured pets like zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to attack their enemies with skulls, acid and darts.

They have the ability to do infect, slow, and terrify their enemies in where they have the control. Also you can manipulate movements of your targeted enemies making them even more dangerous so you can see they can be a powerful toon to play in game.

Now the weakness of this playable character is they are not tanks by any means. So I don’t recommend you charging in guns blazing cause you won’t last long. The are more ranged attackers while using their pets to distract and attack the enemy. Here are some build below that you can try.

As I mentioned you’ll see from these videos its using their pets to make it work with the Witch Doctor characters. More you understand how that works the better player you will be. Also use the right gems to make sure your character is doing enough high damage. Most players are using Bane of Stricken to be able to do high damage on rift bosses and Greater Rifts guardians. I have personally enjoyed playing this character throughout Diablo 3 realm.

Also they are great for support playing as well since your pets can distract the enemy while you cast your abilities to buff your teammates. Again each character has their strengths and weakness just depends on how you play the game. Try it yourself and let us know what you think of it.

Enjoy the game.