Diablo 3 Season 7 in PTR

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Diablo 3 Season 7 in PTR:

Already we have the public test realm up for the next season which is now 7, how far we have come along since season 1 of Diablo 3. Now that we are going to be wrapping up soon for Season 6 its about the new builds that most are curious about.

Only a few has been mentioned like the 2 new monk builds everyone is testing out. Funny enough one is labeled Chuck Norris and other is Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch. Fitting since both of these are true Martial Artist and Bruce Lee had Chuck in one of his famous films called Return of the Dragon. Here is a live test build from our famous player Rhykker¬†you can subscribe to his channel by clicking his name, he shares a lot of the latest updates on gear and patches.

It for sure seems like a fun build to be and does high damage as well for those who are playing high Greater Rifts. Test it out yourself and see how it works. Now remember its in PTR mode meaning when the real live patch comes out it may be different than what you played with. Every new patch has new updates for all characters and their builds, what most players dislike is what builds gets nerfed along the way.

Witch Doctor Jade Build:
Again this is another one that is being tested out for higher Greater Rifts of 100+ as you can see from the video its dominating for now. Hopefully it stays very current or close to the release of the patch. You never know with Blizzard.

Lastly is the updated notes on Wizard on how the Firebird set will be changed. Here is what Rhykker had to say about it.

Let us know what you think of these changes coming forward in the next month or so.