Diablo 3 Top Questions

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Diablo 3 Top Questions:

Online Gameplay Online:
Yes you can only play it online and its on the Blizzard network servers. It costs 60$ dollars and sometimes you can see if they have deals going on.

Can you protect your Blizzard Account?
Now you can where you get the Battle Net authenticator. For US players here is the link for it https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battlenet-authenticator makes it so hackers have a tougher time getting into your account.

So, is the gameplay still the same from Diablo 3?
– Yes, the gameplay is still the same. You kill mobs, break stuffs, loot chest for weapons and gears.
– You can equip 6 active skills and 4 passive skills, so pick skills that support your build for optimized damage and survivability
– The character main stats are still the same:
Strength: Main stats for Barbarian and Crusader
Dexterity: Main stats for Demon Hunter and Monk
Intelligence: Main stats for Witch Doctor and Wizard
Vitality: Stats for all class HP.

Then, what are the changes in Reaper of Souls?
– New story added
– No more Auction House
– Smart loot and improved itemization
– New difficulty settings has been added
– New game mode: Adventure Mode instead of just playing the story to level to 70
– Improved Paragon level, Nephalem Valor and Nephalem Glory
– Some skill changes for existing classes
– new class was added: Crusader
– New professions: Enchanting and Transmogrification
– New currency: Blood Shards to buy gear
– New recipes for better crafting
– New social features: Clan and Community to communicate even better

I thought the story is over at the end of Diablo 3. What happens here?
Nope Blizzard decided to move forward with the story and it fills more the missing puzzles from the previous.

No Auction House? How should I get my gear then?
The old fashioned way by grinding it out with your friends or solo play

Can Still Trade with Group Playing
Create a group and grind it together and trade when need to.

Smart loot and improved itemization, can you explain that?
What this means is now you can get the gear for the actual character you are playing for. Where before you would grind for hours and not even get 1 item that was for your character. They realized lots of players were getting frustrated and even quit playing the game over time since it was super difficult to find gear.

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