Diablo 3 Wizard FireBird Build

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Diablo 3 Wizard Builds

One of the most annoying parts about playing this game is when they do a update you have to change your gear. Blizzard for some reason doesnt want you to get to powerful when playing the game, even its us who are spending hours and hours looking for the best gear. So here is the updated patch sets for Wizard this season and non-season

The Firebird Set:
Head: Firebird’s Plume
Shoulders: Firebird’s Pinions or Mantle of Channeling
Torso: Firebird’s Breast or Aquila Cuirass
Wrists: Ancient Parthan Defenders
Hands: Firebird’s Talons
Waist: Hergbrash’s Binding
Legs: Firebird’s Down
Feet: Firebird’s Tarsi
Amulet: The Traveler’s Pledge
Ring #1: The Compass Rose
Ring #2 :Convention of Elements or Halo of Arlyse
Weapon: Deathwish
Off-hand: Firebird’s Eye

Active Skills:
Disintegrate with Rune Convergence
Teleport with Rune Safe Passage
Frost Nova with Rune Bone Chill
Familiar with Rune Sparkflint
Magic Weapon with Rune Deflection
Ice Armor with Rune Crystallize

Passive Skills:
Unstable Anomaly

Paragon Points:
1.Movement Speed up to 25% cap
4.Maximum Arcane Power
1.Critical Hit Damage
2.Critical Hit Chance
3.Attack Speed
4.Cooldown Reduction
2.Life %
3.All Resistance
4.Life Regeneration
1.Area Damage
2.Resource Cost Reduction
3.Life on Hit
4.Gold Find

Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Stricken
Helm: Flawless Royal Amethyst
Torso and Pants: Flawless Royal Topaz
Weapon: Flawless Royal Emerald

Their you have it a Wizard Fire Build for the new patch of 2.4 overall its a fun build to play and you can now try it yourself. Watch the video below to see it.