Diablo III’s Upcoming Patch Adds-Ons

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Diablo III’s Upcoming Patch Adds-Ons

Diablo III has never truly offered much in the method for restorative things. There were wings, certain, and a pet or two for getting a restricted release of a Blizzard diversion or a Blizzcon ticket. The recently reported 2.4.1 patch will include a huge amount of new vanity things.

There’s no discharge date for 2.4.1, however it’s out on the PTR (player test domain) at this moment and players have found a colossal measure of new substance as wings, pets, and transmogrifications. These things are dropped by break managers, uber supervisors, act supervisors like The Butcher, menagerist trolls (another troll variation) and certain one of a kind managers.

A fan named Lumamaster datamined the entire thing. This is what’s in store:

1)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Cosmic Wings — > Unknown

2)Cosmetic_Wings_bat: Dark Bat — > Normal Rift Guardian Tethrys

3)Cosmetic_wings_bat: Osseous Grasp — > Adria

4)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Lord Culsu’s Wings — > Maghda

5)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Wings of Kokabiel — > The Merciless Witch

6)Cosmetic_Wings_bird: Falcon’s Wings — > Unknown

Redesign: another troll has been included, known as the Menagerist Goblin. It drops beauty care products.

Redesign: Here is the full rundown of new transmogs and conceivable areas:

TransmogSword_241_001: God Butcher (who knows where)

TransmogAxe_241_001: Aidan’s Revenge (maybe drops off of Diablo?)

TransmogAxe_241_002: King Maker (Leaning towards TSK for this one)

TransmogFlail_241_001: The Que-Hegan’s Will (FOUND)

TransmogHelm_002: Helm of the Cranial Crustacean (FOUND)

TransmogFlail_241_002: Flail of Carnage (FOUND)

TransmogFist_241_001: Hand of Despair (Realm of Despair?)

TransmogStaff_241_001: The Reaper’s Kiss (FOUND)

TransmogPolearm_241_001: Man Prodder (FOUND)

TransmogSword_241_002: Amberwing (FOUND)

TransmogFlail_241_003: The Spirit of the Zakarum (uncertain where this would drop)

TransmogAxe_241_003: Kanai’s Scorn (Probably some place in Ruins of Secheron)

TransmogAxe_241_004: Sungjae’s Fury (who are you?)

TransmogSpear_241_001: Steffon’s Heavy Lance (who?)

TransmogFlail_241_004: Templar’s Chain (Perhaps from that one abundance or the Campaign mission?)

TransmogFist_241_002: Panther’s Claw (… .idk)

TransmogSword_241_003: Ghoul King’s Blade (most likely drops off of a Unique Ghoul or something)

TransmogXbow_241_001: Crossbow of Corvus (so some place in the Ruins of Corvus most likely)

TransmogMace_241_001: Mace of the Crows (most likely some place in Act 1)

TransmogSword_241_004: Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)

TransmogSword_241_005: Second Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)

Upgrade: Here is the full rundown of pets and their names. There are 20 altogether.

1)Cosmetic_Pet_teddyBear – Overseer Lady Josephine

2)Cosmetic_Pet_squire – Lamb : http://imgur.com/WflH6NS

3)Cosmetic_Pet_VoodooDoll – Ms. Madeleine

4)Cosmetic_Pet_nightmare – Unihorn

5)Cosmetic_Pet_gluttony-The Bumble : http://imgur.com/qFiJ8tj

6)Cosmetic_Pet_babysiege – Grunkk

7)Cosmetic_Pet_fallenHound – Buddy : http://imgur.com/USARHXF

8)Cosmetic_Pet_ghost – Haunting Hannah

9)Cosmetic_Pet_goatman – Lady Morthanlu

10)Cosmetic_Pet_hoodednightmare – Malfeasance

11)Cosmetic_Pet_mimic – The Mimic : http://imgur.com/TXfM53x

12)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Blaze

13)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Humbart Wessel

14)Cosmetic_Pet_spider – Charlotte : http://imgur.com/Nby0ATe

15)Cosmetic_Pet_zombie – Liv Moore

16)Cosmetic_Pet_succubus – Queen of the Succubi

17)Cosmetic_Pet_crawlingHand – Friendly Gauntlet

18)Cosmetic_Pet_cowking – That Which Must Not be Named : http://imgur.com/QEBEfMb

19)Cosmetic_Pet_bladedsoul – Galthrak the Unhinged : http://dh-deluxe.de/documents/pictures/ptr2-4-1/pet-galthrak1.jpg

20)Cosmetic_Pet_yeti – The Bumble : http://dh-deluxe.de/documents/pictures/ptr2-4-1/pet-yeti2.jpg

Redesign: Here is a rundown of the new one of a kind foes that were included. Take a stab at searching for them!

FallenChampion_A_Unique_Cosmetic_02: Regreb the Slayer

TentacleHorse_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Princess Lilian{ph}

TentacleBear_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Sir William{ph}

FallenShaman_A_Cosmetic_Unique_01: Graw the Herald

x1_TriuneSummoner_C_Unique_Cosmetic_01: Nevaz

ZombieSkinny_B_Unique_313: Ravi Lilywhite


Dull Bat (Drops from Tethrys)