Diablo Story Timeline

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Diablo Story Timeline

Lets take it back to how it began with Diablo story line.

Begins with The Creation:

Anu was the single element in presence and contained all great and malevolence. It chose to push off all insidious parts to accomplish complete immaculateness – those parts get to be Tathamet.

Anu and Tathamet fight for quite a while, then at last wreck each other and the Universe is made.

The Great Evils are conceived from the seven heads of Tathamet. The High Heavens are made around Anu’s spine the Crystal Arch, and the Burning Hells from the husk of Tathamet’s body.

Prior to the Sin War

The Pandemonium Fortress is worked around the Worldstone by the High Heavens.

Inarius feels burnt out on the Eternal Conflict and tries to escape from the steady fighting. He discovers Lilith, and together with numerous other evil presence and holy messenger rebels they take the Worldstone.

Haven is made.

The nephalem are conceived from a union of blessed messengers and evil presences.

The Purge happens. Lilith murders all holy messengers and evil spirits on Sanctuary other than herself and Inarius. Inarius ousts her to the void in light of it.

The Sin War[edit | alter source]

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3000 years before Diablo I and Diablo II, roughly – 1740

Lilith comes back to Sanctuary and starts to transform Uldyssian into her manikin to use against Inarius.

The High Heavens discover Sanctuary, and endeavor to annihilate it. The Burning Hells attempt to stop them, transforming Sanctuary into a combat zone. Uldyssian pushes both armed forces back to their domains and annihilates himself all the while.

The Angiris Council vote on regardless of whether to spare Sanctuary. The vote falls to support Sanctuary 3-2.

Mage Clan Wars[edit | alter source]

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1500 years before Diablo III

The Mage Clan wars begin and rapidly prompt the Vizjerei commanding every single other family and forces through the force of their summoned evil spirits.

Horazon and Bartuc, two of the most capable magicians at the time, fight each other. The battle wrecks Viz-jun and closes in Bartuc’s annihilation, and the end of the greater part of the Vizjerei.

The mage factions scramble and get to be divided.

The Dark Exile[edit | alter source]

Fundamental article: Dark Exile


Driven by Azmodan and Belial, a large portion of the Hells’ lesser devils ascend against the Prime Evils in a defiance that comes full circle in the Dark Exile. Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal are banished to Sanctuary from the Burning Hells.

Application. 1004

The lead celestial host Tyrael assembles mortal legends to make the Horadrim. He presents the Soulstones to them and errands them with finding and detaining the Prime Evils.


Mephisto is caught close to the wildernesses of Kehjistan and detained under a Zakarum sanctuary in what will in the long run get to be Kurast.


Baal is followed to the desert close Lut Gholein. Tal Rasha, the pioneer of the Horadrim, penances himself to catch Baal in a harmed Soulstone.


Diablo is at long last caught by a gathering of Horadrim friars drove by Jered Cain. The ministers cover Diablo’s Soulstone close to the waterway Talsande in Khanduras, and a Horadric religious community with a system of tombs is worked over the entombment spot.


The town of Tristram is set up around the Horadric cloister.

Application. 1080

The Horadric religious community in Tristram is relinquished.

Application. 1100

The Horadrim, with no missions left to attempt, blur into history and legend.

Diablo I and Diablo II[edit | alter source]


The eastern ruler Leoric comes to Tristram, announces himself its lord, and changes over the old, since quite a while ago unused Horadric religious community to a Zakarum house of God. His counsel, Archbishop Lazarus, subtly discharges Diablo from detainment.

Lord Leoric slips into franticness as he valiantly battles to oppose Diablo’s ownership.


Progressively unhinged, King Leoric starts detaining all who address his power and executing them as double crossers. He announces war on the kingdom of Westmarch.

Under Diablo’s impact, Archbishop Lazarus captures King Leoric’s exclusive child, Prince Albrecht. The frightened tyke is controlled by Diablo.

Lachdanan, commander of King Leoric’s armed force, comes back from the shocking war with Westmarch and is compelled to execute Leoric. The fallen ruler curses Lachdanan and his devotees with his withering breath. Not long a short time later, Lachdanan and the ruler’s watchmen are assaulted by Leoric, revived as the Skeleton King, as they endeavor to cover him.

Ecclesiastical overseer Lazarus drives a gathering of villagers into the house of God and relinquishes them to a homicidal butcher devil. Individuals start escaping Tristram in huge numbers.

A solitary saint lands in Tristram and thrashings the bloated, foul butcher devil.

The saint slaughters Archbishop Lazarus and thrashings the Skeleton King.

Diablo is crushed by the saint, who then tries to contain Diablo inside himself. In spite of the saint’s respectable expectations, his valiant soul rapidly succumbs to Diablo’s debasement. He turns into the Dark Wanderer, abandoning Tristram without further ado before armies of foul devils assault and annihilate the town and its occupants.


A gathering of legends starts a mission to crush Diablo and his siblings. The saints overcome the demoness Andariel and trip east, after the Wanderer.

The evil spirit ruler Duriel is crushed inside the tomb of Tal Rasha; it is found that Baal is as of now free from his Soulstone.

The Dark Wanderer finishes his change into Diablo; Mephisto is devastated underneath the wildernesses of Kurast by the band of saints.

Diablo is crushed. His Soulstone is wrecked, alongside Mephisto’s, upon the Hellforge.


Baal and his armed force walk on Mount Arreat.

The legends take after Baal to Mount Arreat for the last clash amongst man and the remainder of the Prime Evils. In spite of the fact that the legends rout Baal, his evil armed force keeps on progressing.

The holy messenger Tyrael finds that Baal has succeeded in adulterating the Worldstone housed inside Mount Arreat. Understanding that the Worldstone can’t be reestablished, Tyrael reluctantly crushes it. The subsequent blast demolishes Mount Arreat, desolates a significant part of the field, and devastates Baal’s armed force.