Heroes Of The Storm GamePlay News

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Heroes Of The Storm Gameplay News

So this new game is very similar to the game called League of Legends in where you have heroes to play with. Now with the difference is its tailored to Blizzard game characters which makes the game super fun and unique. Lets talk about the basic understands of the game so you can get more familiar with how it works.

Movement: Moving your hero from A to B is the main goal.
Abilities: Each hero has their own abilities to use in gameplay.
Combat: You will face the computer or you can play against real players.
Death: Now you can die in gameplay but you will respawn back to life, you just have to wait for a respawn timer.
Minions: Just like in League you have little minions on your team to help you engage the enemy.
Forts: Essentially your base you have to protect along with the in play of minions.
Leveling: You will level up as you kill your enemies and minions.
Mercenaries: These are side quests you can do in each game so they are optional, but if you can kill them they will aid you in your battles.
Cores: Basically you lose your core at your fort you lose the game.
Hearthstone: Where you teleport back to your base.
Mount Up: In this game you can have a horse to mount and go faster to reach to your teammates or attack the enemies faster.

3 Game Modes

Custom Game: You can play unranked games to practice against other real players.

Play Against Computer: If you are not ready to play against real players, you can practice by playing the computer with other players. Great way to learn characters and be able to see how you can be more helpful. Also you can learn what type of player you are going to be when playing in a real match.

Ranked Games: This is where you play with the big players who are super dedicated in playing this game. You are able to see where you place at with your skills. Its fun and great to see your competition level.

So far their are 10 different map levels in where you can play and learn the game, one of the biggest updates they do is adding more Blizzard characters for the game. Famous games like Starcraft 2 characters, Diablo 3, and now OverWatch. You can test the game yourself and see what you think of the game. I have personally played this game and its fun especially with all the cool characters.

Comment below let me know your thoughts about this game.