Learn How To Increase Your Rank in CSGO

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Learn How To Increase Your Rank in CSGO

Hardest part about playing Counter-strike Go is ranking up and being able to play in the Competitive Mode. In order to do that you have to be Rank 3 which sounds easier said than actually being done. For a new player you are still learning the new gaming platform and all the weapons that has been added or removed from the previous Counter-Strike games. Even new maps have been added as well and updated maps on the old ones that were in the game. Many ask what is the best way to rank up and get better as far as your skill level in the game. I will share with you my tips on how I got good at this game and still improving my skills in it.

Computer Gaming Setup: In order to keep up with the latest gaming requirements like for CSGO you need good gaming equipment. Fast computer with a good Graphics Card will help you keep up with the timing of the game. This will eliminate any lag that you may have faced if you had that issue, everything becomes in real time for you. Here is what I am currently running to give you an idea AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Hexa-Core, NVIDIA GT740 (2GB) Graphics, 16GB DDR3 Memory, and 1TB HDD was worth every penny spent on this machine.

Terrorist Side: Learn how to play as a Terrorist in the game and stick with it. Practice with all the guns and see how to play it effectively for the maps, learn choke points, and how to support your fellow teammates. Pick a gun and master it is what I have been doing it will help you be really good with it. Take your time is the key don’t rush either.

Counter-Terrorist Side: Same tactic as Terrorist learn how to play it effectively. With CT you have more options than just rushing all the time play a certain role like support, sniper or rusher. Pick your own game style to start out.

Learn Maps: This will effectively help you be really good at knowing where to hide and where to attack. You’ll also understand choke points well as how to dominate others without having any issues.

Just Play: New concept here in where you just play and don’t care about losing or winning. Don’t just focus that you did so bad or you dominated everyone in the map. Learn to just play and practice on your skills and you’ll enjoy yourself better.

Watch Demos: Go on Youtube and watch the best players on CSGO and see what they are doing to out-skill everyone else. You never know what you will find out by just watching few videos.

Practice: If you have 8 hours to play every day, spend a large part of that actually practicing. Practice makes perfect is what they say so do it if you have time to play the game.

Hopefully this helps you guys get an idea how to rank up in the game especially if you are a new player to this. Comment let me know your thoughts on this.