Life Of A Video Gamer

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Life Of A Video Gamer:

My journey where in I started when it came to playing video games. It started back in 1995 playing Starcraft a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game that deals with how fast you think and how fast you can macro. It’s like playing chess you need to be 2-3 steps ahead of your opponent. Also you need to be able to counterattack as well depending on your build strategy.

That game came out around the same time as Warcraft 3 which is very similar style only difference was one was medieval and other was in the future. However you still need the skills like how to macro playing and being fast at it.
Need to be quick on your building time to really when the game.

Very classic some games would last over an hour but the new Starcraft game barley lasts 10 minutes if that. These days in Starcraft its all about certain builds and how fast you can win over your opponent in speed. I personally feel like they lost the magic in the multiplayer, but they did finish the Starcraft story.

Fast forward and here we are playing Diablo 3 online playing with your friends and family. At first when the game released it was very frustrating due to the fact the servers crashed opening day. Super awful for all the die hard Blizzard fans and even when they got the server back up it they had all these bugs. Or you would grind for hours and get items that was not part of the character you were playing.

It took many patches and updates to fix a lof the major errors in this game. It now continues to get better and they added new character the Crusader which is a mix of Barbarian and Monk.

Lets talk about some of the pros and cons of this game


Easy Leveling

Updated Maps

Easy To Learn

Updated Leaderboards

Great Story Campaign


Limited to 4 player only

Takes time to find good gear

No trading on Gear after certain amount of time

Linear Character Builds

Overall with anything takes time to learn the game and appreciate how far you have come along. These are what I came up with as far as some cons and pros to the game. What are your thoughts on this game if you have played it. Now if you havent played I recommend that you do or least watch videos on YouTube to see what you think about the gameplay.

Make sure you do your research on it as well and not depending on other people’s opinions when you can create your own by actually playing the game. I have enjoyed playing this game even though it does have its issue, but honestly ask yourself what game doesn’t have issues. No such thing as a perfect game that is ones entitlement if they label it, I have seen games I don’t like or enjoy and I get people telling me how amazing it is.

Comment below on your thoughts about it.