Why Monk Characters Dominates the leaderboards

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Why Monk Characters Dominates the leaderboards:

So you have probably noticed Monks usually dominates the leader-boards in the seasons of the Diablo 3 game. I’m going to explain to you why I think it is from my point of view. For sure their are other reasons on why you would think they would be.

Point #1 Easy to Gear:

Reason why I say its easy to gear is because you only need to focus on 1 set build called the Static Charge Build. This build allows you to do over a billion a hit on critical damage. Which is what the game is all about. Watch the video from the player Quin69 and you’ll see how it dominates the game. Also make sure your gems are at least 70+ on their levels to do that type of damage. Even if your gems are at 45+ you should be able to run GR’s of 50+ which is still really good. This build still dominates since season 4 and we are now on season 6 of Diablo 3. Try it out yourself to see what you think of this build. Hardest part is keeping up your spirit regeneration since you have to rely on that to keep up the damage keep.

Point #2 Great Group Support Player:

This character makes it really easy for the other players to do more damage and live longer from all the buffs that it gives. One particular build is the Inna Set in which gives you all 4 mantras which is added bonuses for the character well as any ally that joins the game. Monks also can be tanks versus playing the Barbarian in which you think it could play a tank but in reality its not that great for group playing. One area that the Barbarian is lacking is the added bonuses so I advise sticking with the Monk in playing in groups. You’ll see how many group players look for Monks to play with especially if they are going to be a tank only player with bonuses.  Here is more info on it click here.

Now something I just found out that they have nerfed the build so it no longer does the crazy damage like it did before. However you can still do around 600-800 million per hit on the damage so its so very effective build. But for dedicated D3 Monk players they felt it was a big change which was from doing over a billion per hit. Check out these videos from Quin69 on YouTube to see his thoughts on the latest builds.

Like I said overall its good start when looking for the right builds when playing the Monk. Do your research to see what you feel is best for the character, even if Blizzard has dumb down the damage on the build. Its like that every season when a particular build starts to dominate the leaderboards and everyone is playing that build. Blizzard likes to have their control when it comes to their games.

You have to ask yourself is it worth it to do the build or find wait for something better.

Comment let me know your thoughts.