Nexus Siege In League of Legends

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Nexus Siege In League of Legends:

Finally a new game mode has been added in the League of Legends rotation. Its super brand new in which many players are still trying to get used to it. Here is a video below of it.

Above is the video in where you can watch a live match up of the game in how you can see it in real time. I will explain on what has been shared from the video so you can get a idea of it.

Concept is very easy to understand in where you still play offense vs defense style of playing. Key difference in this game is more how fast you can destroy the enemy nexus the fastest in order to win your objective. Starting out you’ll have a wall in where you need to teleport to 3 different areas based off using a trinket. You get to decide if you play top, middle, or bottom just like you would in the normal games. Also in this game you’ll have unique gadgets to help your character play through the game instead of killing little minions to collect gold.

As usual this game is in beta form so you’ll need to wait for the official launch of it, but the important question to ask is will they be able to balance out the champions being used in this game mode. We will wait and see on that since right now some champions still dominate the playing field thus making the game not balanced. Hopefully they are able to figure this out and we can enjoy this new game mode when it releases later this year.

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