OverWatch Competitive Play Is Live

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OverWatch Competitive Play Is Live:

Great news has just been launched from Blizzard for this game in where you can rank up by playing competitive mode. In order to do that you do need to be level 25 I believe to join the ranked games.

Map Rotation: Right now all 12 maps are in play for ranked games so you can enjoy what you were playing before. No hidden surprises by any means, this will help you continue to learn how to play effectively.

Placements: Play 10 games total to get placed in the rank games, the better you play the higher the rank. Personally that’s a lot I think 10 games just to get ranked. Hopefully later on they lower it to 5 to make it go faster. Honestly even 1-3 should be able to define how good you are.

Sudden Death: This was added in case the game ties and then a coin is tossed depending if you play defense or offense. First team to score the point wins however if offense can’t score within the allocated time limit defense automatically wins. Someone has to win right but more importantly you still get some skill points for your rank even if you lose.

Seasons: Blizzard has also announced it will only last 3 months so make it count.

Rewards: Get animated sprays, icons, cosmetics for your gear. The typical items if you play regular however these are more the rare kinds of items by playing competitive mode.

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