OverWatch Newest Game From Blizzard

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OverWatch Newest Game From Blizzard

Here is the newest game called OverWatch a first person shooter game with role playing characters. Currently their are 21 characters that you can choose from. Right now the game is still in beta and will be released on May 24th 2016, however if you pre-ordered you can play on the 23rd of May. This is Blizzards newest addition to the online gameplay, they are hoping you can enjoy a new way of playing your shooters game. This game also allows you to play cooperative against the computer, which allows you to learn how to play. Here are the features of the game below.

4 Game modes in OverWatch

Assault: Your job is to attack 2 different target points, while other team is defending the target points.
Escort: Your goal here is to escort a big vehicle called a Payload. In which a team member must operate in order for it to work. While your teammates are defending the vehicle and being assaulted by the other team.
Assault/Escort: Mix of assault and escort combined. You main objective is to escort the Payload while being attacked from the other team.
Control: Basically this gametype is like King of the Hill. Your goal is to control the area that is assigned and its best of of 3 games. Very simple and straight forward.

21 Different OverWatch Character Types 

So the characters in the game really have 4 different types you can choose from. Depending on the type of player you are you can see what you prefer after testing the game out. Let me explain the different types to you so you are more familiar with it.

Offense: These characters have high in damage points, but lower in health hit points. Reason why they did this is to balance the players out. They didn’t want these characters to be overpowered.
Defense: More support players these types are in which they setup traps and choke points. Recommend to have a player in here if you can.
Tank: They have the most hit points out of any character type. Main role is to take the enemies head on and disrupt any player from their objective. Nice to have in your group.
Support: Basically these characters help with add on bonus in gameplay. They have abilities in where they can enhance other players in their group or themselves.

Now that you got some great insights check it out here to buy Overwatch.

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