Playing Hardcore in Diablo 3 Game

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Playing Hardcore in Diablo 3 Game:

A great feature that was added to this game is called Hardcore Mode, in which you have only 1 life to play with as you gear in the game. Simply put if you die its game over for your character and you would need to start all over.

Check this video on how to play it.

Now why would anyone play Hardcore is the question that many players ask. I will give you my personal reasons on why you should play it.

Test Your Might: One of the most rewarding achievements you can have as a gamer is knowing how far you can go with your gameplay. Playing Hardcore allows you to do in a way where you have to watch very carefully on what you do with your builds. You can’t just charge in and kill whatever is in sight, but you have to be more strategic in how you attack. ┬áIt makes you really appreciate the character you are building by checking everything.

Detailed On Gearing: Super critical for this since you want to live long as possible but also be able to do high damage. With good gear you can also take some hits and not worry about dying to fast either in gameplay. When you play normal you don’t worry as much about it and just gear as you need as you play. By playing normal it defeats the purpose of appreciating the builds you have done for the game.

Higher GamePlay: Reason I state this is because you really learn the game as you take your time. Playing in normal mode often times people are rushing to get to level 70 and even being powerleved by their friends. However in Hardcore you learn to take your time and see the surroundings in game. You see the beauty of the maps and all the different areas that you might of missed by rushing to quickly.

Those are the main reasons why I play Hardcore, I’m sure their are a lot other reasons as well that you can think of. Remember to test your skills in this game and see what you can do. Let me know if you have any other questions or even comment below on it.