Power Level in 30 minutes Diablo III

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Power level in 30 minutes Diablo III

Here is a cool video from the famous player of Rhykker. He is going to explain to you how to do it correctly. Normally it takes about 4 hours to level up on solo play. But if you have friends who are already level 70 than here is the trick to do it. One thing to understand is that if anyone ever offers to do it for money that is against Blizzard policy and you can get banned for it.

Power leveling is the quickest method, because when done effectively you can be at 70 within the hour. Now fastest I’ve seen it is around 35 minutes however the video below shows it done in 30 which is super quick especially when it normally takes 4 hours by yourself.  If you are being carried by your friends the main point is to stay alive and next to them while they are killing the monsters and getting you the experience. Understand also the highest Torment you are allowed to play is 6 maybe on the next patch they will allow Torment 10. Also it be nice if they allowed Greater Rifts as well but we all know from that it take maybe 10 minutes or less to be 70.

Some players are calling this the lazy way of leveling up for the game. Which they are true for the most part since we aren’t really taking the time to play the hours to level up.  Personally it’s each persons preference in playing this game, either in solo leveling up or getting the help. See for yourself and decide on what you feel is best.

Have fun watching.