RTS Player VS FPS Player?

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RTS Player VS FPS Player?

This is one of the biggest questions that many video game players faces. Now depending on you like to strategize or rather just rush and kill everyone you will always choose a side for a game type. I personally will give you my suggestions since I can play both game types however I’m more into RTS (Real Time Strategy) than FPS (First Person Shooter) for sure both have their cons and pros when it comes to gaming. What it comes down to is what you think is better on the gaming skills.

RTS: For me I think RTS games are more enjoyable as far as longevity for playing. What I mean by that is 4 points to the game example leveling up, upgrades, marco skills, and storyline.

  • Storyline: What attracts us to play over and over till we know the in and out of each map and area. We appreciate the design and artwork of the game so we want to come back and play. Best example is Starcraft Series. The character development with the amazing videos truly is epic to watch and make you feel like you the character itself. It allows you to take your time while learning the game when you play campaign, or you can test your skills against other online players.
  • Marco-Skills: This teaches you how to be super fast without doing any tricks like key binds in other games. You actually have to be super quick and remember what hot keys are used to build certain units. Again that is any RTS game like SC2, Warcraft Series, Age of Empires Series, and Company of Heroes. Its like chess you need to be 1 step ahead of your opponent in order to win the game, also you need to learn how to counter as well. Thus you need to be fast on your marco skills. Go and watch videos on Youtube you’ll see what I mean.
  • Upgrades: Super cool for any game that has it for their units or characters. Makes it real fun when you can add more to it than just simply picking a gun to shoot someone or throwing grenades. With upgrades it makes the game even harder since the computer or your opponents have the same features as you.
  • Leveling Up: Very unique in a sense where you have the ability to level up your character, now some RTS games won’t have this feature but most do on special characters like heroes. So again makes it very fun and hard at the same time. Great for character growth and development when playing games like that.

FPS: Now I enjoy playing FPS games since its fast paced and it does teach you to have great reflex/timing skills. Which RTS doesnt really teach you since its more about thinking and planning your attacks. Key points for playing FPS are timing, storyline, replay kill cam, and playing with friends which is the multiplayer feature.

  • Timing On Reflex: Super good to teach you especially if you lack in this area. I would for sure learn to play FPS so you can learn this skill trait, I know I have and I’m glad I still play FPS games.
  • Replay Kill Cam: This can be cool or bad depending on how you look at it. Now if you get killed its going to show you how your opponent killed you and vice versa when you kill someone it will show them how it happened. Sometimes its cool and other times it sucks when you get owned in the game.
  • Storyline: It can really depend on the game, if the story is really good or super crappy. FPS games over the years has gotten a lot better and so its a matter of the person playing the game. Desus Ex is actually a really good game that is FPS style. Great development of character growth and gameplay, they are making a 2nd one to it as well.
  • Multiplayer Feature: Most FPS allows the online play so you can join with your friends versus playing by yourself. RTS does have multiplayer but its not the same feel like playing FPS style. Again each to their own depending on who you talk to.

So I have given you my 2 cents on this, its now up to you to decide what you are more in favor of when playing your games. Comment below let me know your thoughts.