What SC2 Race Player Are You?

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What SC2 Race Player Are You?

3 races to play in this game which are Zerg, Terran, and Protoss the main question is what will you dominate against the 100+ players online. Lets break it down so you can understand better for each race.

Terran: The human race as we can all relate to in this game, however they are more balanced than playing Zerg or Protoss. Terran is known for some incredibly cool niche units, Terran is often considered the most powerful race depending who you are talking to. However from playing this game for many years its more balanced than anything else.

Key Points on Terran:

  • Marco-Mechanics: Normally you have SCV’s that can mine for you, now they have added a MULE unit in which does 3x the mining. Making it super quick to get minerals and pump out units. Also you have the ability to upgrade your Command Center to Orbital or Planet Fortress.  Depending on how you play Orbital allows you to scan the area, and Planet Fortress is more defense on your base. Each is really good depends on you, try out both and see is my personal suggestion.
  • Units- You know can pump out 2 at a time but adding a tech add-on to your Barracks, Factories and Starports. This allows you to mass like if you were playing Zerg. Making Terran even tougher now than it was before.
  • Upgrades: More than any other race Terran require their upgrades to function, pretty much every unit can upgrade to make it even better for the gameplay. We suggest you do since Terran players will need it. You’ll see the impact if you do versus if you don’t upgrade

Zerg: The alien race that is controlled by Kerrigan Queen of Blades, they are known for massing on players. They are more of the weaker on the units but can overwhelm players a lot is their main strategy.

Key Points on Zerg:

  • Marco-Mechanics: They are able to build 3 units at a time when you first start out on your home base called the Hatchery. Now they added a unit called Zerg Queen which allows you to spit more larva on the Hatchery so that you can pump out like 6 units instead of 3. This making the mass very effective against other players. So the more Hatcheries you pump out the more you can units you can mass.
  • Units- This didnt change really from Broodwar but you can evolve the units to do more damage depending on how you play with the units. You can decide how to evolve your units is how they have setup the game.
  • Upgrades- This will impact a lot if you upgrade your units attacks/armor it will make a huge difference since Zerg is already the weaker player of the 3. By massing with good upgrades you will be unbeatable at times.


Protoss: Robotic-Cyborg Alien race that you have shields and the toughest race in the game. They can take a hit since all units have shields well as their structures.  Known for valuing quality over quantity the Protoss force tends to be small but powerful that is how they are played now. Massing is not how it works with this race so pay attention to that.

  • Marco-Mechanics: The Protoss macro mechanic is the Chrono Boost. This ability allows any building to increase the rate at which it is performing by 50%. This includes research and unit production. As a result Protoss can quickly upgrade and progress up the tech tree or produce strong forces on the fly. This is perhaps the hardest macro mechanic to use, not because of the tension (deciding what to use it on), but remembering to use it. Especially in late games you will see Protoss Nexus with unused Chronoboost. Making the units pump out really quickly to start doing your offense builds.
  • Units: Protoss were unique in that their buildings built themselves without the help of a worker (once started), this has further been augmented in Starcraft 2 to allow the same production of Units! Warpgates allow for the production of Gateway units (Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, High Templar, Dark Templar) anywhere on the map where the Protoss has power (anywhere they could build a building). This is further bolstered by the Warp Prism which allows power to be distributed anywhere it can move to (which as a flying unit is anywhere). The result is unparalleled map control. The ability to field a force where ever, whenever and reinforce it. This also lead to Protoss builds being heavily Gateway unit dependent. The Protoss techtree then usually looks like a thick trunk with 2 or 3 major branches. This trunk is the large bulk of gateway units, which are later supplemented by units from the Robotics Factory or Starport (or more Gateways). This also leads to a “Sim City” style of play, where Protoss players seek to produce a high number of Gateways (to turn into Warpgates). Its also worth mentioning that Warpgates decrease build times.
  • Upgrades: Protoss also have only 5 weapon/defensive upgrades. However, since Protoss have two different defenses (armor and shields) this often leads to just having weapons upgraded. While this can be frustrating, they make up for it by being able to Chrono Boost upgrades in progress, leading much faster upgrades. There are a few key upgrades outside of basic weapon/defense, such as warp gate or thermal lance, but their low number makes them very accessible.

Here is some video gameplay

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