Starcraft 2 Patch 3.3 New Features

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Starcraft 2 Patch 3.3 New Features:

We now have new updated content for Starcraft 2 in the latest update of patch 3.3. Everyone is super excited about this since they have added quite a bit of changes to it. Lets do the breakdown of the actual patch itself.

New hero was added named Abathur which plays in Kerrigans story if you played that one. Last patch they added Kjax which was in the Legacy of the Void. Hopefully they continue to add more heroes through out the updates. This will make the game a lot more enjoyable then just with the same heroes over and over. I believe its the Terrans turn for a new hero to be added, we will wait and see what they added on the hero side.

New Mutation in Cooperative Play:
Every week their are new conditions are that played on the various maps. Making it more interesting on the co-op play well as something entirely different when playing. The Mutation lasts for a week and than it changes for next week, so basically each week is different making it so you want to play it every week.

Mastery Leveling:
Currently before this was added you were maxed out at level 15 for each hero, but now you can go to level 90 to max out your characters making your heroes even more powerful. Again this helps with character development and gameplay. Most players are pretty pleased with this addition that was added, myself must agree with the current changes as well.

Here is a video on it so you can see the changes for yourself.

Personally I would like to see more maps added to the rotation, well as more heroes to play from. Even making it so you can have more co-op players involved would be more enjoyable then anything else.

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