StarCraft II: Legacy Continues

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StarCraft II: Legacy Continues

First game of Starcraft was released back on March 31st 1998 and with the success of that released Broodwar later that same year in November. This game sold over 1.5 million copies in its release than later accumulated to 9.5 million copies sold. It was labeled the best online selling game for that year. It is still one of the most popular games online to play and many gamers know of it or least have played it.

The gameplay of the story is much like the Star Wars movies in where you play it backwards. Meaning lots jumping back and forth in the storyline of the game. You’ll noticed a lot of missing holes as far as what actually happened. However it has always been Blizzards goals to complete the storyline with the 3 different races in the game. You have 3 main races you play Terran, Protoss and lastly the Zerg.

Each race has its strong points and weak points, really depends on your gameplay. As a player of this game I suggest you should master all 3 if you can that way you can know the in and outs of the races. Let me do a quick breakdown of what each race does.

Terran: Is more the balanced race since they are human. Well as they posses great defense and offense. They are in my book harder race to play when doing in play strategies.

Zerg: This race is all about massing your enemies with lots of units quickly. They have lower health points on the unites but when you swarm correctly, almost nearly impossible to defend.

Protoss: Lastly the cyborg of the 3 races, meaning they can be mechanically enhanced if needed. They are have high hit points on units cause they have shields.  Very fun race to play if you are into high damage but at a slower pace to pump out units.

Now lets jump to July 27,2010 in which Starcraft 2 was released. So we are talking about 12 years later the legacy of Starcraft II continues in its new updated game format. You’ll noticed the big gap from the picture I added here. Crazy for nearly 12 years Blizzard was silent on if every the story would continue. With the continued development of the game it sold 1.5 million copies in the first 2 days of being open. After that it went up to 4.5 million copies sold world wide. However they did it differently as far as how they wanted to continue the store.


The Wings of Liberty: This was the first installment of the game in where they could just focus on Jim Raynor the main character from Starcraft. They wanted to really focus on what happened between him and Kerrigan who was taken over by the Zerg. With the first chapter they added high cinematic videos to make the audience involved with the story. Overall players were truly happy with the outcome.

Heart of the Swarm: 2nd installment of the chapter of Starcraft II helping players continue the storyline but through Kerrigan eyes and gameplay. Again Blizzard did not disappointment us in adding more features, well as understanding the relationship between Jim and Kerrigan. More hidden truths are being unveiled in this chapter of the game. Also to mention is the side quests as well in the game that helps bring more to the story well as gameplay.

Legacy of the Void: Last chapter of the installment in where everything comes into play. They wanted to help you understand what actually happened to the Protoss race well as everything else that includes with Jim and Kerriagn. Overall they did an amazing job with all 3 chapters of the game.

To mention each added expansion was suppose to take only a year, however it took nearly 3-6 years for all to come out. Hopefully you felt the wait was worth it to finish the game.

Latest side installment was called Nova Covert Ops. A side quest dealing with the Ghost Story. Let me know what you think on it. So far only 3-6 missions are open to play after purchase. Stay more tuned for the game as it evolves.