Top MMO Games To Play in 2016

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Top MMO Games To Play in 2016?

So what is the best MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online) games for this year to play. Well I will give you a current list that is still dominating the online gameplay. Hopefully you are playing these.

  • Guild Wars 2 2012
  • Tera  2011
  • World of Warcraft 2004
  • The Elder Scrolls online 2014

Now those are what I’m seeing being played the most so far however if you may disagree on it but again it depends on who you are talking to on it. You’ll also see the year that I put next to each game that was released here in the states to play. Usually they go through a beta testing so the creators can get an idea of what people like and don’t like. Also this can fix a lot of bugs in the game well as anything that is overpowering in gameplay.

Guild Wars 2 Review: Super fun rare game that I found when I played the first Guild Wars game. However you do have to purchase the game in order to play it online which than is free. This MMO game is super different but really fun when developing your characters. They currently have 3 main classes which are Soldier, Adventure, and Scholars. Within the main classes they have sub-classes that will help you determine your character build. Like Warrior build or even building a Thief build as well.

  • Ability Points: So as you level up in the game you are given ability points for you classes and you have to distribute it evenly on what you want. Thus making it hard because you really have to research the different classes on how you want to build your character. Just make sure you read the ability and build it the way you want it.
  • Story-line & Side Quests: This is what makes it so different is you can play the actual campaign of the game while doing side quests to level up your character. Sometimes by doing the side quests it actually helps you understand better the story.
  • PVP (Player vs Player) Mode: This is where you get to compete against others in a area and test your skills from building your character. Its fun feature mode for those type of players who wants to see how well it would do.
  • Gearing Up: This game for sure relies on the best gear which doesn’t come easy and you do have to grind for it. Teaches you how to find better gear along the way as you play it.


Tera Online Review:

Honestly I have never played this game but I have seen the gameplay of it and looks super fun and different. Lots of online gamer’s have given it positive reviews, I definitely want to try this out.

Check out the video on it below and see for yourself.

World Of Warcraft Review:

Indeed I have played this game and it has been fun since they continue to add more expansions to the game. It has 4 main plot lines that you are able to play if you are doing the story or you can join many others in side quests and grind for the best gear. Now in this game their are 12 main classes you can pick from to choose as your hero, each well have their strengthens and weaknesses so be aware of what you decide to do. Most gamer’s create all the classes to see which one they like to play. Here is the main source link on classes so click it to learn more about it. Key point to understand is its free to download with however you do have to pay a monthly membership in order to play this game. Depending on who you are talking to some don’t play it because you have to pay, while others feel its worth the money. I will let you decide on what you think is best.

The Elder Scrolls online 2014 Review: I loved the Elder Scroll series and now they turned it into a MMO style of playing. You have to pay for the game and you have to buy a monthly membership to play. They have different memberships for you to sign up with and again this was a huge turn off for a lot of Elder Scroll players. But they do have players who are playing it and feel like the membership was worth it. Personally when you have to pay for a game membership it can get to the point where you no longer want to pay for it, especially if you max out your character it loses its purpose. That is one way of looking at but for others I have seen the truly enjoy the grind of playing the game again it depends on who you talk to when playing this.

Overall I think its going to matter on you as far as what you feel is best to play and what is worth your time in playing them. I have played over 100 different MMO games and some was really good while others were super horrible. Like I said it really depends on who you talk to and the preference of that gamer. Enjoy this post and let us know what you think on it.

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