Whats Better The Console or PC for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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Whats Better The Console or PC for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls:

Many have wondered what is better playing Diablo 3 on the console such as Playstation 4, Xbox One or just playing on the computer. Lets do a breakdown of the differences to see what is better overall for you as the player who is playing.

Console Gaming:

The biggest difference between the two is the controls. The way the console controls work are fantastic with Diablo’s play style. Players directly move and dodge your character rather than click to move, with having the same amount of abilities bound to various buttons on the controller. D3 console players also has really great smart targeting, so anything that you need to place on the ground or target an enemy, its almost near perfect on who you are trying to hit. Also its a lot easier to active your skills when needed to gain higher damage counters. It feels great, combat is engaging, and a lot of elements of the game were re-imagined to accommodate the transition from keyboard and mouse to a controller. Additional players can quickly join or leave your game, and it supports any combination of local co-op and online multiplayer

No Blizzard Account:
One of the great features that it has on console is no blizzard account. With PC you have to create one in order to join with your friends. By eliminating this made it easier to play the game directly with your character. No more headaches about getting a account and trying to remember your passwords.

Diablo Game Experience:
For most who are playing this on the console does feel like the experience is different meaning its not like the same as if you were playing on the PC. Again this will depend on who you are talking to.

No Season’s:
Downfall is you have no seasonal options when playing this game only in PC that you can play seasons. Depending on who you talk to some want seasons while others don’t care to much for it.

Only part they have in common is all the updates are the same which is good. Major difference as I have stated is the gameplay is all and the experience of it all. So test it yourself if you like to see what is better for you. Myself I am a PC gamer than a console when it comes to playing this game. Check out this link by IGN on the game and see if you agree or disagree with them on it.

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